Gorgeous Creatures is relocating to sunny Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

Orders can still be placed but shipping may be delayed during the move while we pack and unpack the shop between Saturday 12th July and Wednesday 17th July. Thank you for your understanding.

Gorgeous Creatures is relocating to Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

Orders placed from Sat 13th July (NZ time) may be delayed a few daysth while we unpack the shop in the new location. Thank you for your understanding.

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Natural New Zealand possum fur colours

The original Brushtail Possums released into New Zealand from Australia in the late 1800’s where Tasmanian natural “Blacks” and Victorian natural “Greys

Today natural possums are generally a classified as reddish brown, dark brown or warm grey with beige belly fur as shown in the photo above.

However a professional possum fur grader can sort possum colours into nine distinct colours being grey, pale, black, light slate, dark slate, red brown, dark brown, red neck and rusty.

By using tanning and dying techniques we can achieve all kinds of colours from cream though to jet black.

All dyed possum fur colours need extra protection from sunlight to avoid colour fade, especially in New Zealand and Australia where the sun is very harsh and the ozone layer is thin.

Brushtail possum images are reproduced with permission under a Creative Commons licence.

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