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Decorative Furniture Studs

Decorative Furniture Studs

Adding decorative studs or furniture nails to furniture adds a touch of sophistication. Studs can be used on a modern ottoman in silver or black, and also on a more classical design in antique bronze or antique copper.

Strip studs or continuous studs are studs that are joined together and have an anchor nail every four studs that hold the strip flat. This is a more cost effective option as the installation is quick and easy.

This type of stud is available in a variety of colours like silver, antique bronze or black. Ask us to find out what is available in other colours if you want something really different.

Stripe or continuous decorative studs

Individual furniture studs come in a small size around 10-11mm in diameter or a larger 19mm size.

The main benefit of studs that are applied one by one is that you can control the spacing. If you space them out with about the same width space between each stud they can look less crowded and busy.

Large decorative furniture studs

 Cowhide ottomans with stud details

 Nail studs for furniture

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