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Mohair Care & Cleaning - Washing Mohair

Oct 15, 2017 0 comments
Mohair Care & Cleaning - Washing Mohair

Washing a Mohair Throw or Blanket

Hand wash mohair or alpaca in warm water with a mild wool wash detergent. Never use hot water or the blanket may shrink and loose dye colour.

Soak blanket for a few minutes to soften any dirt. Then very gently agitate and swish the mohair through the water to dislodge dirt particles.

Do not over-work the mohair wool or it will matt up and be ruined. Rinse well in cool water and then slow spin out excess water.

Lay the mohair throw flat on a clean towel to dry, it will dry quickly. Never put it in a tumble dryer or it might shrink.

A brisk shake or a light brush will fluff up the wool pile just enough to look wonderful and like new again.

Our woolskin and wool wash shampoo is perfect to wash mohair and will leave it soft and shiny. Mohair throws can be dry-cleaned by a company with a good reputation.

Protect and waterproof your natural fibre blankets

If you are at all worried about spills or dirt on your mohair protect them when new with Fend Fabric & Footwear protector which is perfect to reply liquids, food and general grime.

Keep your blanket safe from sticky Grandchild fingers or protect a mohair blanket being used in a rest home.

The spray is non-toxic and does not wash off but makes stains unlikely and makes wool throws even easier to wash if needed.

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