Gorgeous Creatures is relocating to sunny Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

Orders can still be placed but shipping may be delayed during the move while we pack and unpack the shop between Saturday 12th July and Wednesday 17th July. Thank you for your understanding.

Gorgeous Creatures is relocating to Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

Orders placed from Sat 13th July (NZ time) may be delayed a few daysth while we unpack the shop in the new location. Thank you for your understanding.

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How to look after and store Possum Fur

  • Regularly brush your possum fur gently with a metal bristle comb to keep it untangled 
  • Iron the fur with brown paper between fur and iron to give the fur lift and shine (also lightly brush the fur surface with a mix of petrol and water to give the fur renewed shine - yes I know this sounds crazy but just use a tiny amount - a furrier told me this!)
  • Store fur in a cool dry place away from sunlight - if possible avoid humidity, heat and sunlight
  • Do not put your possum fur throw/blanket into a plastic bag; it needs to be able to breathe. Instead use a loose weave cotton bag with plenty of room to move or wrap your fur throw loosely in an old but clean cotton sheet
  • Do not use those plastic storage bags that you suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner – they will crush the fur and leather & suffocate the fur making it sweat
  • Do not store in a cupboard with mothballs – the fur and leather may absorb the smell and this smell will be very hard to remove
  • Do not allow the leather under the fur to get wet – so make sure the storage location is away from all possible leaks & moisture
  • Do not put other objects on top of the stored fur – remember we are trying to keep air circulation at all times
  • Store away from kitchens or other activities that create smells that can absorb into the fur over time
  • When the fur throw or blanket comes out of storage give it a good vigorous shake to fluff up the fur and if needed air it out in fresh air but avoid direct sunlight

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