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Bright Red Possum Fur Blanket

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New Zealand Possum Fur

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Made to Order in NZ

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Allow 6-8 Weeks to Make

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Tanning Technique Allows Cleaning

Size: Red Double Blanket 180x160cm

A bright red possum fur blanket is fun and modern. The black guard hairs give each skin texture. Add a dash of bright colour to your bedroom.

Bright red is a vibrant, fun and happy dyed possum fur colour. Jazz up your home decor with red fur!

This possum fur has been dyed so protect from bright or direct UV sunlight to prevent fading and colour change over time.  

Each pelt is unique but we colour match a set to make into a beautiful bed throw for you. You can still see the subtle fluctuations of darker colour caused by the black guard hairs that run down the middle of each skin even though it is dyed red.

This red possum fur blanket comes with a lovely velvet textured fabric backing which stops the throw from slipping off your bed. The fabric backing can be dark red velvet or black velvet or any other colour of your choice.

These premium quality NZ possum fur throw blankets are made to order in New Zealand - allow 6-8 weeks. 

Possum fur blanket size options:-

Double bed possum fur blanket size is 180 x 160cm (5ft 11” x 5ft 3”)

Queen bed possum fur blanket size is 180 x 180cm (5ft 11” x 5ft 11”)

King bed possum fur blanket size is 200 x 180cm (6ft 6.5” x 5ft 11”)

Super King bed possum fur blanket size is 220 x 200cm (7ft 2.5” x 6ft 6.5")

California King bed possum fur blanket size is 240 x 200cm (7ft 10.5” x 6ft 6.5”)

Or any custom possum fur blanket size you want. Ask us for a quote.

For an explanation of the possum blanket sizes and New Zealand standard bed mattress sizes visit this page.

Our possum furs are tanned using a special technique that means you can more easily spot clean or sponge wipe them if a spill happens without anything bad happening. You cannot wash possum fur but you can dry-clean very successfully.

New Zealand Possum fur is an incredibly silky soft, plush, warm, lightweight and luxurious natural product. In fact they say it is the third warmest fur in the world after polar bear and Arctic fox because of its hollow hair structure that traps warmth like a thermos.

And just like polar bear hair, it is the hallow hair structure that does not allow possum fur to freeze, even when exposed to extreme cold.

Possum fur is said to be 14% lighter and 8% warmer than wool. So we should all be curled up under a possum fur blanket keeping warm this winter.

New Zealand possum fur is considered durable so if it is well looked after and correctly cleaned and stored when not in use it can last up to 10 years or longer.

For more information about the steps needed to make a possum blanket and why they cost what they cost please read this page.