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Design your ottoman

Gorgeous Creatures is a world leading expert in cowhide ottomans
with more than 15 years’ experience.

 We will guide you smoothly through every step so please complete the form below
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Ph NZ +64 9 522 1050 or Ph AUS 1300 001 259

For inspiration and a general price guide please explore our ottomans section under
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Custom-made ottoman: Quote Form

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Each ottoman is custom-made and very unique

By completing this simple 4 step enquiry form we will better understand your specific requirements for an accurate quote

1 Select ottoman shape

Please select the shape of ottoman you would like

2 Choose your ideal dimensions

The best height to make an upholstered ottoman is between 35cm and 45cm from the ground to the top of the ottoman.
A popular height is between 38cm-40cm tall but it depends on the height of your other furniture.

Popular height: 38cm-40cm
Max recommended height: 45cm
Please select measurement type

3 Select covering & optional extras

Indicative cost guide for standard ottoman made in Cowhide or Leather is between NZ$1895 - NZ$2500 price range plus shipping cost. Indicative cost guide for standard ottoman made in Fabric or Vinyl starts from NZ$1200 (depending on Fabric or Vinyl quality) plus shipping cost.

Leg Type

4 Delivery address (for shipping costing)

For an accurate shipping cost we need to know where you want your ottoman to be delivered. There are some mandatory fields below to help us with our calculations

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