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How to Brush a Mohair or Alpaca Throw or Blanket

How to Brush Mohair or Alpaca Blankets

With use a mohair or alpaca throw blanket will fluff up and get tangled. This is perfectly normal and the fluffies can be tamed with a gentle brush with a natural bristle hairbrush.

Don't use a plastic brush with balls on the end of the bristles as they will catch, although a soft plastic brush is OK.

There will be a right direction and a wrong direction to brush the wool pile. How will you know? The right direction will make the wool lay flatter and smoother, the wrong direction will fluff the mohair up even higher.

Test a small area and once you are confident you have the right direction brush the whole blanket gently in that one direction gently.

Our Windermere mohair throws & blankets are made in New Zealand in two useful sizes. A single chair throw or a double/queen bed blanket.

Mohair wool comes from the Angora goat and the hair follicle is smooth and slightly iridescent so it reflects the light beautifully. This makes bright colours very vibrant and jewel-like.

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