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Using Sheepskin Rugs with Wire Framed Chairs

How to use sheepskin rugs with wire framed chairs

We have noticed a big surge in the popularity of wire framed chairs available from the interior décor shops. Some of these designs are classics like the Bertoia diamond lounge chair or Eames DKR wire chairs but many are a more recent re-design based on a similar theme.

Wire chairs have suddenly become more affordable and trendy. Retro restored metal chairs are also making a comeback. These metal or wire frame chairs look great but they can be very cold and uncomfortable to sit on.

Sheepskin rugs draped inside a wire frame chair make them look fantastic and also feel warm and comfortable but the back was never meant to be seen. Sheepskins always come with a care label attached to the back of the skin that can be hard to remove cleanly.

A natural white sheepskin usually has a whiteish colour leather on the back, sometimes with greyish marks. And the dyed sheepskins are a light pale blue/grey with greyish marks. It depends on the tanning technique and each skin is unique front and back.

If the back of the sheepskin will be seen through the wires at the back of the chair we can line the sheepskin with fabric to make the back look as wonderful as the front.

An unexpected splash of bright colour can look truly amazing peeking through the wires, or a safe neutral colour adds the finishing polish to your décor and is also better than naked leather.

Sheepskin lined with fabric for wire framed chairs
At Gorgeous Creatures we can line one of our single sheepskins or our one and a half sized (extra-long single) sheepskins with fabric in a range of colours. We bind the edges with fabric tape for a neat and tidy finish. The fabric tape colours can best be described as black, white, grey, Navy blue, chocolate brown, coffee, beige, bottle green and maroon.

Black sheepskin with bright blue fabric lining
We can only do this for our own new sheepskins and it takes about 3 weeks to complete including time to order in the fabric. The results speak for themselves and are worth the extra cost of NZ$125 to line one single skin or NZ$200 for two (excluding the cost of the sheepskin rugs). Contact us to find out more.

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