Happy New Year Everyone. We are away for a short break. All orders will be dispatched upon our return on the 26th January.


Happy New Year Everyone. We are away for a short break. All orders will be dispatched upon our return on the 26th January.

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WashBar Mighty Mite – 100ml Spray for Chickens and Birds

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  • Tested on Humans not Animals
  • Top Quality Ingredients
  • Treats Scaly Leg Mites
  • Washbar Brand NZ Made
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This great Mighty Mite product solves the problems causes by scaly mites that affect the legs of poultry and cage birds.

Chickens are becoming more popular in cities, not just on farms. We have a small flock of rescue chooks living next door who visit us regularly.

Since their arrival they have changed from scrawny, scared, barley feathered chooks into fat, happy, well feathers, and quite frankly bold chickens.

They run to us when they see us, we pat them, hand feed them and occasionally need to pick them up. And if I forget to close my front door I might turn around to find one or more chickens in my kitchen looking at me expectantly!

Mighty Mite by WashBar is a natural and healthy, easy to use and effective way to control the mites that cause scaly leg on chickens. With no withholding period you can continue to eat yummy fresh eggs.

Scaly leg is crusty, concrete-like deposits on chicken’s legs, caused by a mite burrowing under the skin and scales around legs and feet causing them to become raised and thickened.

It’s unsightly, irritating and can be painful for the affected chicken and if untreated will spread to the rest of the flock.

Spray Mighty Mite directly onto chicken’s legs. You can also spray the birds bedding and roosts to kill any mites lurking in the environment.

  • Mighty Mite Poultry Leg Spray is 100% natural, so there’s no withholding period for meat or eggs
  • Easy to use and effective on controlling the mites that cause Scaly Leg
  • Totally non-toxic - safe for chickens, ducks, geese and cage birds like canaries and budgies
  • Safe to use around other animals and the kids
  • Perfect for owners who want ‘chemical free’, not just ‘free range’

Made with 100% natural human grade ingredients – Neem oil, Argan oil and essential oils of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Kanuka, in a Sunflower oil base.

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