We are away for a short break long weekend. All orders will be dispatched upon our return on Wednesday 30th June.


We are away for a short break long weekend. All orders will be dispatched upon our return on Wednesday 30th June.

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RD054 Reindeer Skin - Rich Cream

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  • Soft & Luxurious Texture
  • Drape Over Furniture
  • Top Quality Genuine Reindeer Skin
  • Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
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A large sized Scandinavian Reindeer skin in rich true cream with a few tiny freckles of darker colour. Shop demo hide on sale.

This reindeer was on display in the Gorgeous Creatures showroom. Not used or sat on, just as an example. The white leather back has some very light marks.

This is a cream hide in a rich butter cream. The light hides always cost more. Perfect for use as a décor rug on the floor in a low traffic area like a bedroom or throw over a sofa or chair for added luxury.

The thick lush coat of these Reindeer are deep, soft and spongy to touch - absolutely luxurious. Soft wearing so use in a place where it can be seen and admired but not touched too much.

Head to tail 114cm
Center belly left to right 82cm
Left to right hind legs 116cm

These Reindeer are farmed in a herding style in Scandinavia and the venison is sold in Europe and surrounding regions.

Reindeer leather is also a very important product for the region and their skins are a secondary product of the meat industry and they are not available in large quantities.

These reindeer skins are very sought after and some colours are rare.

Deer hairs are hollow and therefore more fragile than a cowhide or other animal skins. This is why they are best used in a very low traffic area on a floor, draped over a bed, chair, ottoman or sofa, and they look great hung on the wall.

If they are walked on frequently they will shed hair over time - this is perfectly normal. 

Some reindeer skins show tiny round marks on the leather side, these are tick marks (small burrowing insects).

This is perfectly normal for a herded animal as they are mostly left to roam large territories and are not regularly treated for parasites in the same way as farmed cattle or sheep.

These small tick marks can not be seen from the beautiful hairy front side of the reindeer skin.

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