We are away for a short break (Queens birthday weekend). All orders will be dispatched upon our return on Wednesday 9th June.


We are away for a short break (Queens birthday weekend). All orders will be dispatched upon our return on Wednesday 9th June.

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When I saw the videos for the Fend protective spray I was amazed.

I had to have this water repellent protection on my possessions. I had so many things that I could think of that needed treating.

A pink satin jacket that I was too scared to wear if there was even a hint of rain showers for fear of water-marking (and in Auckland there are always showers). 

Actually all my jackets because you never know when you will be caught in a sudden drenching of rain.

My slippers and most of my shoes that seem to get wet more than they should, making my feet really cold.

My cute footstools covered in a very expensive fabric in the lounge that hubby keeps putting his feet and dinner tray on. The list is endless and I’m still finding things to treat with Fend at home. I’ve given a bottle to my mum to try as well.

Fend water-proofer test on silk & suede

So I thought I’d test this product on a few really delicate items. You will think me mad but the first things I treated was a pair of very expensive Designers Guild silk cushions.

Silk is so easy to mark that I was actually reluctant to use them in the house (they where tucked away in a cupboard out of reach of sticky fingers).

The real test was to see if any water-marking or colour run would happen on the silk. I can’t see any marks at all. Once the Fend product dried the cushions looked the same as before I treated them with no patchy areas. Now I can touch them and use them at home without fear of ruining them.

The second test was a fantastic pair of purple suede boots that also fell into the “don’t wear them if there is even the slightest chance of rain” category. This time I sprayed only one boot so that I could compare the colour change on the suede.

About three hours after the Fend product was applied I could only detect a very slight darkening of the purple colour and it actually looks better - more intense in colour after treatment. And 24 hours later I couldn't tell them apart.

So I will be treating the other boot and happily wearing them without worrying about marking them from now on.

I treated my mum’s new sneakers that where made from a mesh fabric. I will let you know how she gets on once she has worn them a few times.

There are plenty of water-proofing and protective sprays on the market. What seems to set this one apart is the fact that it is totally transparent, flexible, breathable and non-toxic. And it doesn't wash off.

It doesn’t block water - it repels it like a magnet pushing water and dirt molecules away from the treated surface.

The video is really worth viewing; seeing is believing.

To buy Fend Fabric & Footwear visit our cleaning products section. Fend is available in three sizes.


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