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Small Sheepskin Pet Bed and Cleaning Products
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Small Sheepskin Pet Bed and Cleaning Products

A small rectangle sheepskin pet bed and a choice of cleaning products to look after it. The perfect sheepskin bed for a medium-to-large dog that is a fully machine washable with our Woolskin Wash and optional Wool Carding Brush

We have the perfect small 35cm x 35cm square sheepskin wool pet rug for a small dog or cat - perfect for a pet bed. Why not give your beloved pet this lovely wool pet bed for their birthday or Christmas? Then choose from two cleaning product options - our great Woolskin Wash or the Woolskin Wash and Brush kit.

Made from a 100% natural sheepskin wool on leather with a light padding and calico lining. Pet rugs are perfect for creating a favourite special spot for the hairy member of your family, exactly where you want them to sleep. This helps to protect your furniture and might even keep the dog off the bed! Place this pet rug next to the fire, in a basket, on a special chair, on the floor, on your sofa, on an ottoman or at the foot of your bed, anywhere you want!

These fully 'delicate' machine washable rugs are warm and breathable, soft and comforting, and will provide a little bit of luxury for any dog. Our Woolskin wash is safe to use on sheepskin leather. The wool carding brush keeps the bed soft and fluffy.
The pet beds are made from a lower quality grade of sheepskin so brush them very gently. This grade may have small areas of "wool slip" where small patches of wool are missing or peel away from the skin - this is generally not visible from the top. This is normal and why they are priced this way - the dog won't care. If you want a higher grade for your pet please visit our other sheepskin sections that are for people and are the top grade we can get.

This photo shows an example of wool slip on the exact same area of the sheepskin. The right shows the wool from the top and you can't tell there is any issue. The left shows a good example of a small area without wool about the size of a small coin.

Specially designed for animals, the colour is a natural white sheepskin wool with warm soft brown tips so that you don't need to worry about dirt showing or be too precious about dirty feet. If the pet rug needs a wash simply throw it in your washing machine on a wool/gentle cycle, spin out the excess water, dry flat in the shade and give the pet rug a fluff up with a sheepskin wool carding brush. Our sheepskin wool wash and wool carding brush are perfect for cleaning and maintaining your sheepskin pet bed.
quote"I was really lucky as I was bought a beautiful sheepskin rug from Gorgeous Creatures. I love it because it is very soft and I can burrow into it and when I go to sleep I feel like I’m on a cloud. It can be thrown in the washing machine too as sometimes I get it a wee bit grubby. No other dogs have a sheepskin rug that I know so I think I’m very special." Ruby the Cavoodle


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