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Fend Fabric & Footwear - Water & Dirt Repellent - 250ml spray
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Fend Fabric & Footwear - Water & Dirt Repellent - 250ml spray

The latest in homeware, fabric and footwear protection 250ml spray - A transparent hydrophobic protective spray treatment system for natural fibers. Protect upholstered furniture, car seat covers, bedding and hundreds of other things. Enough to protect about 10 square meters.

Do you want your new home decor, clothing or shoes to look like new for longer? That's what Fend Fabric & Footwear does! Any fibre or fabric that can absorb moisture can be treated with Fend to miraculously repel water and dirt - it's really quite amazing! Watch a video demonstration here.

This 250ml bottle is enough to protect about 10 square meters, so protect your whole wardrobe, your lounge suit, your favourite rug, your car seat covers!!

Video one -
Fend demo treated verses untreated surfaces
Video two - Fend how to apply to shoes, clothing and home wares
Video three - Fend on sheepskin slippers and footwear
Case study one - Fend protecting suede and silk

Fend is a transparent, flexible and breathable layer that absorbs into natural fibres coating them with a microscopic layer of silica that literally pushes water or dirt molecules away. Items that have been treated can still be cleaned and washed like normal, this won't wash the protective layer off once it has set, the protective layer lasts for ages and only rubs off with repetitive abrasion and rubbing over time. For example your gym gear might need a re-coat after 3 months with regular use and washing but your sofa or footstool might not need to be re-treated for a year. You can even steam clean items and the Fend protection layer with still stay on!

So if you are worried about the kids or Grand kids spilling food or drinks on your new mohair blanket or sofa, or you worry about those very cool but totally impractical canvas or suede shoes getting marks the first time you wear them outside this is the prefect protection solution.  What about your pets peeing on your expensive Persian rug? Take action before the damage is done, protect your valuables with Fend Fabric & Footwear.

Fend product features:-
Hydrophobic - repels water - makes water bead-up and roll off
Repels stains making stains easier to remove
Non-toxic - food-safe - ecologically sound
Easy spray application with a short drying period
Flexible and breathable
Skin-friendly - non-irritating - family safe
Anti microbial - helps to prevent smells
Invisible with no texture or marks

What would I use this Fend protective spray on?
Any brand new and clean clothing, shoes and home ware to extend that new look
Any shoes, sneakers, boots and slippers
Any clothing, gym gear, jackets and coats
Fabric covered furniture, dining chairs, sofas and ottomans
Bedding, duvet covers, sheets and cushions
Table cloths & napkins
Animal skins, cowhide rugs, calf skins, goatskins
Sheepskins, sheepskin underlays, sheepskin slippers
Pet bedding and anywhere pets sit or sleep
Car seats and car seat covers
Carpets and rugs
Curtains and blinds (natural fibre)
Canvas and sail-making materials
Tents and fabric camping equipment
Felt pool tables and gaming tables
Outdoor squabs and cushions

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