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Pink Heart Sheepskin Rug for Kids or Pets
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Pink Heart Sheepskin Rug for Kids or Pets

A warm and fluffy round sheepskin rug for your child's bedroom 80cm round
This adorable round sheepskin rug is perfect to decorate your child's bedroom. A little girl will love this bright pink and white heart sheepskin rug made by cleverly stitching different coloured sheepskin pieces together to create this great design. Even teenagers and grown-ups love this sheepskin rug design. And cats or dogs (fur kids) would love this as a warm sheepskin pet bed.

The size of this sheepskin rug is 80cm wide as a circle.

Your daughter can play on the rug or take a nap. A child can easily move the sheepskin from her bedroom to the living room and watch TV or play games with her friends. Even better use this round sheepskin rug on a chair in her bedroom. 

Dry-cleaning or washing

We recommend that dyed sheepskin rugs are dry-cleaned to preserve the dyed colours. They can be washed but the colours may fade over time.

If the rug gets flattened with use you can help restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the wool with a sheepskin carding brush.

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