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Possum Merino Knitwear

Possum merino knitwear is a beautiful and unique product that is made in New Zealand and if you have ever visited New Zealand you will recognise how special this unique product is to the identity of New Zealanders. The possum merino wool accessories are perfect as gifts, especially for overseas visitors but make sure you keep a set for yourself in your favourite colour. Soft, fluffy and warm wool knitwear is always a welcome gift and with things like scarves or beanies you don't need to worry about sizing.

So what makes possum merino knitwear so special? University research has shown that the hollow nature and exceptional thermal properties of possum fur fibre and possum merino wool blend garments and accessories are 55% warmer than 100% merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere. And our possum fur and merino wool blend is softer than normal wool so much easier to wear, especially for people who find wool itchy.

We have over 80 possum merino wool knitwear accessories in stock and we can order in the men's or women's jumpers and jackets as needed. We are often cheaper than the tourist shops. Use one of your favourite jumpers and knit jackets to check against our sizing. Fold the jumper in half down the middle sleeve to sleeve then measure from the center of the neck (where the label is) on a diagonal line down the arm to the middle of the cuff edge. Also measure with the jumper flat from about 3cm down from where the arm meets the body from side to side. There is a 2-3cm variation in sizing for knitwear due to the manufacturing process, basically it's not an exact science.

Men's and women's possum merino wool jacketssweaters, vests and wraps available to order. We have a lovely range of fantastic quality Native World possum merino wool knitwear for women and men including warm winter beaniesberetsscarvesgloves and wrist-warmers.
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100% made in New Zealand. 



quoteKirsty, I forgot to write back to you and tell you how delighted we are with our Men’s Possum jumper you posted us.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s the best reaction I've got for any birthday present for my husband as we live in the freezing highlands south of Sydney.  Also delightful for me to hug! Couldn't be happier…it’s a gorgeous product and will bring us pleasure for years to come.  Thank you! Kristie - Sydney - NSW Australia

Possum merino wool berets and peak caps - A wool beret or wool peak cap will make you look sexy and stylish while keeping your head warm (we all know we lose most of our body heat out the tops of our heads!!!) and they won’t ruin your hair.

Possum merino wool wrist-warmers - What a great idea! Like gloves but not gloves, these wrist and hand warmers are so useful and trendy that they won’t go out of fashion.

Possum merino wool fingerless gloves - Wear these fingerless gloves while walking the dog, playing the piano, typing on the computer, and you can still do all the others things that you can’t do with full fingered gloves like send a text message and eat with a knife and fork!!!

Possum merino wool gloves - Team wooly gloves up with a trendy ribbed beanie and scarf for total winter warmth. Glove styles for men and women.

Possum merino ribbed wool beanies - Beanies are for women and will make you look good while keeping your head warm, perfect for any winters day, on your way to work, skating, fishing or snowboarding or even out for a walk.

Possum merino wool scarves - A lovely selection of scarf patterns and colours in super soft possum merino wool. Plain scarves, reversible scarves and endless scarves.

Possum merino wool socks - Extremely warm and cosy, possum merino socks are the best you can buy.

Possum merino wool men's jumper and jackets - A wide choice of masculine menswear knitted jackets and jumpers or sweaters.

Possum merino wool women's jackets, jumpers and vests - This season introduces a great new range of women's styles including a shrug vest, long rib jacket and Arran jackets.

quoteHi Kirsty, The jumper arrived in the post yesterday and it is magnificent. Fits beautifully and is lovely and warm. Just the thing for a Scottish winter. Thank you so much!! Many thanks - Laura - United Kingdom Scotland


quoteDear Gorgeous Creatures, Received my second, world's most beautiful cardigan today..... I am SO HAPPY..... I have to tell you, I bought my first one 18 months ago whilst on our third holiday to your beautiful country. I wore it a lot last winter and it kept me SO WARM! I always regretted only buying one :( I even considered flying over for a weekend on a cheap flight, to buy a cardigan.... eek......THEN....., I came across your website..... mmmmmm I think I'm going to become a frequent shopper :) I was SO HAPPY to find I could get another cardigan, am thinking about a black one now....... Would be great for work! Thank you, so much.... Jenny - NSW - Australia