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Fur Care

Possum Fur CleaningClean-repair-possum-fur

Brush your possum fur throws and blankets regularly but gently with a carding comb type brush. We sell a sheepskin brush with metal prongs and this keeps the fur from tangling and fluffs it up to look like new. Be careful not to tear the leather but don't worry if the brush seems to be pulling out some hair, this is just the loose hairs that naturally occurs at the base of the possum pelt.

All furs should only be cleaned by a high quality professional dry-cleaner. It is a very specialized process and uses special chemicals and techniques.

Email or call us to discuss options ph 09 522 1050 (NZ only). We can offer New Zealand customers a $10 discount voucher for our prefered Auckland dry-cleaner.

No matter what other websites say, furs can-not be dry-cleaned like fabric, it is not that simple, it really does use a special set of chemicals (hydro-carbons) and other techniques to clean a fur properly to extend its life, so don't be fooled.

Sometimes the backing on the throw or blanket needs to be removed and treated separately if it is soiled. The fur specialist will then check your fur for any weakened areas or holes and repair if necessary.

At home minor spills can be soaked up with a paper towel or cloth. It is possible to gently wipe the fur in the direction that the fur grows with a clean damp cloth but make sure that no water gets through to the leather underneath the fur. Or use very very fine sawdust (untreated and not pine) soaked in white spirits. Rub gently into the dirty area of fur, leave for 1/2 an hour and then brush out all the sawdust. You can iron the fur with brown paper in between the fur and iron to fluff it up again.
Photograph above by Anil Dumasia from Image Central

Possum Fur Repair Service

possum fur blanket repairsWe can facilitate the repair of your possum fur throw, blanket or fur coat in New Zealand. Each project is unique depending on the age of the fur and the issues like split skins, holes, weak areas of leather, dry and dull matted fur, furs that need to be replaced etc. So we can't quote until our furrier has seen the throw and the cost for this is $50 (this covers the courier to and from our furrier and a small amount of time to assess the situation and work out a quote price for the repair). Sometimes we need to open the throw up to see what is really happening inside before we can quote.

Expect to pay a minimum of NZ$150 as a starting point (plus the $50 quote fee) for a minor repair like a few split seams but this can increase to around $450-$650 or more if the repairs are extensive and some pelts need to be replaced completely. Repairs are done during quiet times but new orders for things like possum fur blankets take priority so there can sometimes be a long wait for repairs.

A fur coat repair will cost about NZ$150-$350 but again this will be priced on a case-by-case basis depending on what is required. Most of this cost is labour. Once a fur coat smelly musty there is nothing that can be done to rescue it other than airing in a shaded place, never put fur in direct sun.

Issues that we often see in old possum fur throws and blankets:-

  • Fur skins splitting open along the seams
  • Fur skins spitting and tearing in the middle of the pelt (the leather is perished - this can not be repaired)
  • Weak leather that is disintegrating and brittle and easily pulls apart
  • Fur that is dull and dry looking
  • Fur that has faded in colour (we can't do anything to help sorry - fur can not be re-dyed)
  • Fur that is knotted and matted
  • Fur that is sticky with food and drink spills
  • Fur that animals have urinated on and the leather has rotted or it smells
  • Fabric lining that is dirty and needs cleaning or replacing
  • Insect damage

What we can do to help fix your old possum fur throw or blanket:-

  • Suggest a dry-cleaner and gift you a $10 discount voucher (NZ only)
  • Replace or remove and clean the fabric backing
  • Replace a few fur pelts (it is best to use pelts from your existing fur throw by removing a row to then use those furs to replace any that can not be repaired - new fur pelts would stand out too much and make the rest of the throw look terrible - we could never match the colours of new pelts to old pelts)
  • Brush up the furs to fluff them up and remove knots
  • Clean the fur with special fur techniques and treatments
  • Use a special silicon spray treatment to restore some shine
  • Reinforce seams so they will be less likely to split again
  • Check the fur throw for other issues that you may not be aware of yet


Ten Tips For Possum Fur Storage & Maintenance

  • Regularly brush your possum fur with a metal bristle poodle comb to keep it untangled  
  • Iron the fur with brown paper between fur and iron to give the fur lift and shine (also lightly brush the fur surface with a mix of petrol and water to give the fur renewed shine - yes I know this sounds crazy but just use a tiny amount)
  • Store fur in a cool dry place away from sunlight - if possible avoid humidity, heat and sunlight
  • Do not put your possum fur throw/blanket into a plastic bag; it needs to be able to breathe. Instead use a loose weave cotton bag with plenty of room to move or wrap it loosely in an old but clean sheet
  • Do not use those plastic storage bags that you suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner – they will crush the fur and leather and suffocate the fur
  • Do not store in a cupboard with mothballs – the fur may absorb the smell and it will be hard to remove
  • Do not allow the fur leather to get wet – so make sure the storage location is away from all possible leaks & moisture
  • Do not put other objects on top of the stored fur – remember we are trying to keep air circulation at all times
  • Store away from kitchens or other activities that create smells that can absorb into the fur over time
  • When the fur throw/blanket comes out of storage give it a good vigorous shake to fluff up the fur and if needed air it out in fresh air