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Blog Articles

Gift Giving Ideas

The perfect gift for a 90 year old

By the time you reach the wonderful old age of 80, or even better 90 years chances are you have just about everything you need... Read more

Case Studies

Fend Fabric & Footwear case study – Protecting Silk & Suede

A new way to protect anything that can get wet from water and dirt. We tested it on silk and suede... Read more

Cowhide cleaning case study of an extremely dirty cowhide

About five years ago I sold a white cowhide rug to a local bedding & home-wares shop and they used the cowhide on the floor near the front of the shop entrance... Read more

Cleaning dog or cat pee smells off a cowhide rug

In late 2015 we received a desperate call for help from Jill in Australia. She had a cowhide rug with a cat pee problem!... Read more

Words of Wisdom

Why cowhides curl? Help my cowhide rug is curling!

There are a few things that might cause edge curling on cow skin rugs. A poor quality cow hide that has been unevenly split during the tanning process ... Read more

How to get wrinkles out of cowhides - can you iron cowhides?

Wrinkles or fold lines in a cowhide rug can be very ugly. If a cowhide rug is stored for a long period of time folded then it can be very difficult... Read more

How to choose a good quality cowhide rug

People often ask me what the difference is between a good-quality cowhide rug and a bad-quality cowhide rug. There is no one simple answer... Read more

How to clean - instructions & advice

How to vacuum a cowhide rug - Three tips

Cowhide rugs are easy to vacuum if you know a few tricks... Read more

How to clean a cowhide rug - can you wash a cowhide rug?

Instructions to clean your cowhide rug. Has your dog pee'd on your rug, has your cat thrown up? This is how you can rescue your cowhide rug from red wine, party food and all kinds of accidents... Read more

How to wash a sheepskin rug

Natural Sheepskin rugs are very easy to care for and when washed but you must use the correct type of detergent ... Read more

How to wash a mohair throw or blanket

With use a mohair blanket will fluff up, this is perfectly normal and the fluffies can be tamed with a gentle brush with a natural bristle hair-brush... Read more

Ingredients for our cowhide cleaner and woolskin wash

What's in these products? We explain them in plain english... Read more

How to decorate - tips and tricks

Three ways to use a sheepskin rug in your home
A sheepskin rug looks lovely draped over the back of your sofa, sheepskin gives a plush and textural feel to a room... Read more 

Sheepskin rugs on wire framed chairs

We have noticed a big surge in wire framed chairs available from the interior décor shops, some of these designs are classics like the Bertoia diamond lounge chair ... Read more

I made a gorgeous fabric queen bed headboard

Recently, I made my own fabric headboard for my Queen bed. I’ve always wanted one but I didn’t like the designs or colours of headboards available in the shops. So I made my own! ... Read more