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Cowhide Sizing

How do you know the size of a cowhide rug? How to measure a cowhide rug

Good question - Every cowhide has a different organic shape. The size of the hide is measured by a machine at the tannery that scans the surface area of each cowhide. This gives us the amount of leather in a cowhide rug

As you can see in the photo to the right, the hide is fed through rollers and the machine then moves little hammers (like inside a piano) which touch the leather. The sensor knows when it touches leather or metal and measures on the dial. A leather technician puts a sticker on each cowhide rug so we know how large it is.

Understanding how we measure  How to measure a cow skin rug

We use square metres as the way of measuring and pricing the cow skins. A small cow skin is around 2 metres 'square', a medium cow skin is around 3 metres 'square', a large cow skin is around 4 metres 'square' and an extra large cow skin can be over 5 metres 'square'.

As shown in the diagram below, we measure from the widest points of the animal skin across the back legs and head to tail. We supply these measurements in metric metres. This is to help you work out the correct hide size for a room setting or interior space. Don't forget that it is perfectly OK for the sticking out parts (legs etc.) to go under furniture. This helps to anchor a room setting of furniture.